Bonobo, bro

Everyone at OJ has been delighted and, honestly, a little taken aback by the wonderful reaction to the lineup we’ve curated for Johnnie Walker – the Journey.

Most of you can’t wait to see Bonobo — and yes, LIVE means he’ll be performing LIVE with a band that will make you feel ALIVE. He was one of my standout acts at Coachella this year and I’m stoked that he’ll be playing in India before his North Borders tour ends.

Plenty of you are also excited about Snarky Puppy’s performance (we are as well). What not many people don’t now is that they’ll be playing a DJ set instead of live. Just kidding.

Those of you who are familiar with my views on music — ‘militant’ views, according to my friend Ritika — will know that I’m not a big fan of genres. To me, genre discussions obscure the only important question: how does the music make you feel?

The music that I love is always three things: soulful, rhythmic, and beautiful.

Soulful, so that it fills my heart.

Rhythmic, so that it implores my body to move, to interact with the space around me, reminding me that I’m a physical being, not just an intellectual and emotional one.

And beautiful — because musicality, subtlety, structure, gentleness, are hard to find in these days.

The best part of this Bonobo announcement is that most of you don’t seem to care about the trivial words — Bonobo is ‘electronic’ and the North Borders was, technically, a ‘dance’ album — and are instead focusing on the important word — ‘music’.


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