Prose Before Hoes

I was sitting next to Shambhavi at Starbucks this afternoon.

She was fielding work-related phone calls and surfing the internet. Killing time while she waited for her dance class to begin at 6PM.

I was writing a report about brand activations at music festivals.

Then I was reading the news (the situation in Kashmir sounds horrible, by the way. The Indian Express says it’s basically a police state now).

Then Shambhavi saw me working on my blog. She alluded to the title.

I think it’s a cool play on words, a subversion of the bro-code I learned in my fraternity at college.

But is it more?

It’s a good question. I don’t know the answer. But Shambhavi’s perceptive like that.

Is this blog title fundamentally demeaning? Why does everything have to be about women? Are guys like me always overcompensating for the awkwardness of our teenage years?

Hank Moody would know.


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