Happy Birthday, Niall

Niall is a good person.

I don’t know what else to say, really.

Niall always has time for others. He’s always dropping people home in his car and running them errands and asking them how they are, and listening to their answers. Niall’s always got a smile on his face and an easy chuckle around the corner.

Niall cares, too. He pays attention to the people around him more than he pays attention to his phone. He’s very kind, and when you tell him your problems, he thinks about them, and chews them over, and then he comes back with a little suggestion that makes you feel like your problems are not so big, and that you’ve got a friend you can count on.

Niall is also a great host. When he invites you over, you know you’re going to be plied with drinks and food.

He is such a good host that sometimes, he makes you have a drink, even when you don’t really want one.

And then you have one, and you realise that you did want one, even though you thought you didn’t.

And then maybe you’ll get pulled into a friendly board game that eventually grows competitive.

Finally, Niall is a great competitor. If you ask me, there’s no point in stepping onto a football pitch unless you’re committed to giving it your all. And Niall always does.

He gives his all, I think, in everything he does.

Happy birthday, my friend.


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