Scott’s leaving!

Scott is everyone’s favourite Tellis. 

I’m not trying to offend any one. It’s just the truth.

Just kidding. They’re all the best, in their own ways.

We’ll all miss him a lot, though. Always full of energy, and ideas. An incredible athlete – lethal, creative, and relentless on the football pitch.

Scott’s a true competitor. I once saw him slap a 6′4′’ Irish guy in the face.

It was on the turf at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel. Scott didn’t like the guy’s attitude or style of play.

This guy, the Irish Giant, he was larger than our entire team put together. Massive. A little pudgy, but massive.

Scott didn’t care. Size doesn’t matter. Heart does. And Scott had more heart than the giant. Slapped him. Right in the face, than carried on with the game as if nothing had happened. The Irishman fumed, whined, waved his hands, complained to the ref. Threatened to send Scott to the hospital.

Scott ignored him. Scott was focused on only one thing: the win. That season, he did whatever it took to win. And win we did. That particular game, against Stavros FC, I think we won it 7-3.

Scott’s also loads of fun and knows everyone in Mumbai.Always up for a chuckle, usually at KP’s expense.

Scott and Danny, those boys. Nights out, or days in for that matter, just aren’t the same without them.

But Scott, I’m happy for you man. The world holds bigger and better things for you, and I think you’ve seen most of what Mumbai has to show you. Now – New York, where the lights are brighter and the music’s better. Where you’ll learn what a camera can do.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.



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