Still D.R.E.

Happy birthday, Dre.

Andrea Vayda.

A beautiful name, spoken by a beautiful voice.

(At least when you say it).

There are two things I love about the way you say your name.

The first is the way you pronounce it. It’s not a generic West Coast drawl. You’re particular about it. The way you pronounce your name suggests that you’re proud of where you came from. Andreyea. It’s specific and precise.

The second is the way it flows out into the air. Your voice. A voice that is soft, and warm, and kind. A caring voice. A smiling, melodious voice.

(Well – your normal voice is wonderful. Your voice after three days and nights of raving? That’s something else entirely.)

I miss you my friend. And I miss saying your name – Dre, Andrea – out loud.

I hope your life was enriched by your travels around the world.

I know that you enriched the places you visit with your smile, with your warmth, with your self.

See you soon.


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