How Pleasure Works

Some interesting quotes from How Pleasure Works, by Paul Bloom.

  • “Protein bars taste worse if they are described as “soy protein”
  • orange juice tastes better if it is bright orange
  • yogurt and ice cream are more flavorful if described as “full fat” or “high fat”
  • children think milk and apples taste better if they’re taken out from McDonald’s bags.
  • Coke is rated higher when drunk from a cup with a brand logo.”


“If you expect it to taste bad and drink it, it tastes bad. But if you already tasted it, knowing about its status doesn’t make a difference. Expectations affect our experience itself, but not our after-the-fact construal of the experience.”

“In an intriguing series of studies in the 1950s, investigators were interested in what features would initiate sexual behavior in male turkeys. They first found that you could get arousal with a lifelike model of a female turkey — the males would gobble, strut, puff up, and eventually mount the model. To find the minimal stimulus for sexual response, the scientists removed parts from the model, such as its tail, feet, and wings, ultimately ending up with a head on a stick. The males were fully aroused by this head, and would prefer it even to a headless body.”




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