Kum-ail-ady, Kum Kum-ail-ady

Where to start and where to end with Kumail Hamid?

I guess Kumail can’t be explained properly without also explaining Shiv and Nirvair, but those guys deserve separate stories, so I’m pretty much screwed here.

Still, I’ll try.

Let me start with the music.

The thing about Kumail is: he can play loud, or he can play soft. He can bang it it down low, or pull you up high. He can make you dance, and bounce, and jump, or he can make you sit, and listen.

Hip-hop or experimentalectronica. They’re two sides of the same coin to him.

Kumail’s got it man. He’s going to be huge. He already is, pretty much. He’s one of those guys who you look at, and think, man, I’m fucking proud to be Indian, and into electronic music, because that guy, Kumail, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well, and he’s doing things, making things, sharing things that are important for people to hear.

Those tinkling tones that wash over you, chimes and clinks and rings and bells. That vibe that washes over you.

That’s Kumail the musician.

Kumail the guy?

There are lots of people who know him better than me.

But my favourite thing about Kumail is that I feel like he can see right through people. He knows when they’re being fake, and he doesn’t have much patience for them.

But when you’re not fake, when you’re real and honest and up front with him, and tell him what you really have to say, he’ll listen, and look at you, and think it over. And then maybe he’ll give you one of those chocolate smiles that make the ladies melt.

I think the best smile he ever gave me was when he talked about Shigeto, the day before that great man went on stage at Magnetic Fields.

Kumail: I can’t wait to see where you’re headed, bud.

Because though I’ll probably always be in your shadow, that’s exactly where I like to be.


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