Writers’ Retreat 3 – ‘First Impressions’ (A Short Story)

‘Writers Retreat’ is a new exercise I’m doing with Nive Gajiwala and Shachi Nelli, two aspiring writers who happen to be friends of mine.

Every day, one of us will suggest a brief to the group. The challenge is to produce 500-750 words, on that day, on the assigned topic.

Day 3’s topic is ‘First Impressions’, assigned by Shachi.

SHE: Hi!

HE: Hey!

SHE: It’s me!

HE: Huh? Oh, it’s you!

SHE: Yeah!

He: Oh!

SHE: It’s so loud!

HE: Yeah!  I can’t hear myself think!

SHE: What?

HE: I said, you look great!

SHE: What?

HE: How’s it going?

SHE: I’m meeting some friends.

HE: Nice!

SHE: Yeah!

HE: What’s happening?

SHE: Huh?

HE: What’s up. What are you guys doing tonight.

SHE: I’m with my friends. It’s her birthday. She’s getting married soon, so, this is one of those girls’ nights situations.

HE: I see. So we probably shouldn’t be talking then.

SHE: No, no. Nothing like that. I just. I’m not allowed to ignore them for too long. I had to ask their permission before I came over here.

HE: Shit. This is a like a big deal, then.

SHE: Please don’t make it weird.

HE: Right…

SHE: Listen. I’m just gonna be over there, with my friends. It’s her birthday.

HE: Yup. Yeah, cool. I have to say hi to some people. I… uhh… See you later?

SHE: Yeah!

HE: Cool!

*             *            *

SHE: I don’t… this isn’t… I don’t do this.

HE: I never do this. This is embarrassing.

SHE: Do do you… uhm

HE: Let’s do a shot!

SHE: I don’t… uhm

HE: Come on!

SHE: Ahh.. OK. Yeah, cool!

HE: Patron!

SHE: I dunno… uhm. Tequila? Not really my…

HE: Cheers!

*             *            *

HE: I’m so glad that happened.

SHE: Yeah… uhm. It was…

HE: I know. It was.

SHE: Let’s uhm…

HE: Let’s do it again, sometime?

SHE: Uhm… yeah, I don’t mind, if you, you know…

HE: You’re so beautiful.

SHE: Thank you. Thanks. That’s, uhm. So are you.



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