What’s The Point of Going Out, Anyway?

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We — the ‘millenial’ generation — spend a lot of time and mental energy daydreaming about going out.

“Let’s go out. What are we doing this weekend.”

It dominates our thoughts, from Wednesday onward.

Why is that?

What are we looking for?


One of the things we’re looking for when we go out is the suspension of disbelief — the same temporary surrender we experience while watching a film.

Going out is like watching a film — except you’re not watching the film. You’re living it.

A nightclub is supposed to be a magical, liberated place, where the ‘real world’ disappears and the rules don’t exist anymore.

You get to do whatever you want and be whoever you want.

But how often does that really happen?

Here’s what gets in the way:

  • Asshole bouncers
  • Bad music
  • Teenagers and younger millenials standing in the way, at the bar, in line, Snapchatting
  • EDM fans
  • Garish sound
  • Shitty lighting
  • Unfriendly people


We go out because: great music makes us feel free.

We go out because: we want to feel alive.

We go out because: we want to connect — more deeply, with our friends; and for the first time, with strangers.


Great music makes us feel free — but even great music can’t do it alone.

It needs help.

Great music can enhance an atmosphere. Great music sets the vibe.

But it’s part of an experience: the visual-auditory-emotional-social experience that we collectively call a night.

At the MBTI Glow Experiment, we’re focusing on the visual environment — the glow party — because great visuals make music sound better.

In our opinion, visuals shouldn’t be restricted to a stage, or a projection behind a DJ.

Great visuals are an environment, not a view.


It might look like this, or it might not. It all depends on whether Damé gets off his ass and does some work.


A great night makes us feel more alive — more alive than we do as we scroll through social media, sitting at our desks, or lying on our couches.

But this visceral feeling — the rush of adrenaline — only comes when you’re doing something unexpected, or find yourself somewhere out of the ordinary. When something’s different or better.

How many times have you been out to the same bar, with the same lighting, and the same utter lack of imagination?

Shouldn’t someone at least attempt to make going out more fun?


We go out to create memories with our friends. We go out because we might meet someone worthwhile — whether that’s for a short while, or a long while.

A glow party is a semi-equal place. You can’t see much — you can’t tell whether people are dressed up, or down. You can’t tell if they’re expensive or grubby.

The darkness is an equaliser. Those pools of glowing light — they’re unifiers.

And as for meeting new people — well that’s hard, especially for us introverts.

But what if you could tell what someone’s personality was, just by looking at her or him?

If that’s not enough to start a conversation, then you’re just not trying hard enough.

At our party, you’ll be wearing your MBTI type, expressed as a color code, using glow bands on your sleeves.

It’s not the greatest, most revolutionary idea in the world.

But it is something that no one’s tried before, at least around here.

So we thought we would.


And the music will be good. So you don’t have to worry about that.


Vox says it’s all bullshit, anyway.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.



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