Sunday, March 6


Everyone, today, I think, was acutely aware of how fleeting this moment is.

This moment — this interlude in which we’re all as young and beautiful as we’re ever going to be.

There’s an underlying sharpness to every laugh — a pain that disappears only when the drinks kick in.

But how to enjoy the present without contemplating the future?

Alcohol is required.

That’s fine.


When the barriers fall and the tensions dissipate, when we feel good, it’s more important now, more than ever, that we thrust ourselves, not into hedonism and recklessness, but into the crux of the matters worth discussing.

More deeply into friendship, and politics, and morality, and spirit.

It is these choices — the choices about what to discuss, and who to be, it is these choices that condense into a just life, a happy one.

The one we’re all seeking.


That’s what we’re all really after, I think, at this age.

To know, to be reassured, that we’re going to grow up to be good people — and to know that our friends will guide us, when we stray.

Will we make good adults?

With friends like these, we’re going to be just fine.


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